Thursday, June 18, 2009

Liana's Winner

Thanks to Liana for being my guest, and for hosting a contest. The winner is ...

Sarah Simas

Sarah, please email Liana for the details. Congratulations!

And for those having trouble getting into the blog ... I really have no good explanation other than IE sometimes takes its sweet time about loading the script for the "Keep reading" link. It should end with /#0 at the bottom of your monitor when you hover your cursor over it. IE8 seems to be the worst offender. Since it doesn't happen to everyone, or even happen all the time to the same people, I really have no solution to offer.

That's why I strongly suggest you try downloading Firefox. It's free, and I find it to be a much more efficient browser.

And if you're looking for Homicide-Hussey: Part 1 of "Dead Turkeys Don't Fly" is one post down. Part 2 tomorrow.


Mary Ricksen said...

Congratulations Liana!

Anonymous said...

We sometimes have trouble at school between different internet browsers--virtual gremlines!

I do NOT have firefox, and it worked fine for me--so who knows. : )