Monday, January 05, 2009

Thanks! Looking Ahead

What I'm reading: Face of a Killer, by Robin Burcell

First Things First: I want to thank everyone who took time to pop over to the Night Owl Romance "Best of the Best" poll. Hidden Fire is one of the top three in Romantic Suspense. THANKS!!

On to the new year, which mentally starts today for me. Mondays don't mean much when you work at home, but starting a New Year on a Thursday just didn't work. Now that it's Monday, the routine is back; hubby goes to work, stores are open, school is back in session (not necessarily a good thing when you're stuck in traffic behind moms and dads jockeying around the traffic pattern to drop off kids).

Resolutions? Not for me, although I do resolve, for what little good it will do, NOT to get upset at the $4800 hospital bill we got on Saturday because hubby's employer canceled our medical insurance 6 weeks early. He has to iron that one out, and until he does, I will make a concerted effort not to turn to the chocolate.

I submitted a short story to Cerridwen Press yesterday for consideration in their upcoming "Free Reads" program. It's another Randy & Sarah story. We'll see if my editor approves it.

And today, I sever the last tie to my former day job when I turn over the keys to the storage locker.

Tomorrow I'm turning this space over to Teresa Reasor and her fascinating hobby. Please come back and join her.

I am within 2500 words of my goal for cutting Fozzie's book at which point I suppose I'll need a title! I really, really hate coming up with titles. In my computer files, it's still "Fozzie's Book". However, I got a great idea for a totally different title this morning when I called one of my detective contacts, Mark Hussey, to ask a couple of questions about terminology. He answered the phone, "Homicide. Hussey." Can't you just see it? Homicide Hussey. What a great title. Now, all I'd have to do is write the book! Meanwhile, I'm fumbling for something clever and evocative for Fozzie's book. And, more good news. Detective Hussey has written down accounts of a lot of his adventures during his police career, and he's giving me permission to share some of them. I don't have a set schedule for these, so you'll just have to check back regularly.
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Debra St. John said...

Wow, Terry. Lots of changes in the New Year for you. Good luck!

Teresa Reasor said...

I'm looking forward to joining you here Terri. I'm hoping to be able to answer questions at lunch time during school and during my planning period.
I'm excited about being here.
Teresa Reasor

Terry Odell said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dara -- Maybe I'll start a poll on how long it will take to straighten the insurance mess out. According to hubby's employer, we're covered. Wonder why the insurance company doesn't think so.

Fingers crossed that it'll be done before the nasty bill collectors show up. How many times have you heard, "We'll take care of it right away" and actually seen results. I keep thinking it took 4 months just to straighten out my phone company billing.

Terry Odell said...

Teresa -- very much looking forward to sharing your post tomorrow.