Monday, June 02, 2008

Did your search engine run out of gas?

First -- it's been a long time since I've had a contest, so I've decided to part with some of my South Africa souvenirs as prizes for contests this summer. First up: an African Mask refrigerator magnet and a decorative tea light candle. Details are on my website.

I got curious about how people found this blog. I'm not exactly a 'big name'. So, for the month of May, I tracked all the search engine words that brought people to this site. After eliminating those who were actually looking for me specifically, this is what I ended up with:

6 class civilian post
behind the scene sex scene
between her legs
brockmann into the fire
bullet catchers apprentice blogspot
buy voice stress analyzer
central florida dui checkpoints
cerridwen press in print
coldest winter in florida
computerized voice stress analyzer
counting to 10 in Africa
crutch words
dead heat audiobook dick francis
drink coasters one liners
excerpt: into the fire by suzanne brockmann
flashbang candle
frustrations with research
funniest character names
funny names that don't fit ironic
gayle wilson award of excellence
graaf reneit
handyman proposals
how can i reenforce pages in a ring binder
hurricane breeze paper
hurricane count down
hwuhwule game reserve
interview in progress sign
jason santiago good nite
jason santiago-central florida location
jonathan odell the last safe place
male pov sites
marjorie m. liu
military civilian police academy test quiz
my chip carving-give away contest
nightgown sex
police class 5
polygraph have you ever had sex with an animal
polygraph place
polygraph say no to everything
reading programs nora
retirement jobs handyman
righting a tipped-over motorcycle
sara dennis no accounting for chase
scoring guide for a womanless contest
severe back pain, begged for backrub
sex bed scenes
sex scene
short sex scene
sleuthfest agent
smartours south Africa
spoilers: into the fire by suzanne brockmann
stephanie odell
suzanne brockmann ebook - over the edge
syneca cover art
terri Detweiler
terrie's place
terry exterminator place
terry meanings names
terry odell irad
terry sex
terryodell free reads
terry's place hair Chicago
the dreaded synopsis
the waiter slipped his hand under the table up her leg her date opened her playing with her nipples
trouble fundraising with team in training
what to wear for chp voice stress analysis test
why men apologize

I wonder -- were you looking for me when you came here? How did you find me?


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Terry! A huge congratulations on finalling in the Daphne. That's a big contest and really tough so kudos to you!

I found you because you're a regular to the Banditas, by the way ;-)

Terry Odell said...

Hi back at you, Anna - thanks for popping over, and thanks for the congrats. I'll be jumping up and down for a bit. And I'll do the 'official' post here tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I found you because you announced your romantic suspense, "What's in a Name?" is a finalist in the Single Title division of the Daphne du Maurier contest (congratulations on that), on the crimescenewriter group, and that's one of the places I lurk. Have to say, some of the search words that lead people to your blog are a little puzzling.

Terry Odell said...

Dianne -- I agree - some of those go beyond puzzling. Shows how 'sensitive' those search engines can be.