Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On resuming "life" after being away

What I'm reading: Vanishing Point by Marcia Muller. And I finished Hostile Makeover by Wendy Wax, and Demolition Angel by Robert Crais.

What I'm writing: Nothing new yet—Book 5 is still waiting until I finish edits on Rescued Hearts because I had requests for fulls in Atlanta.

After nearly a full week of jam-packed days surrounded by writers in all career stages, it's time to decompress. Highlights -- meeting Suzanne Brockmann. Putting faces with names from writing loops. Staying motivated.

Not being able to write for a week, though, makes me edgy. I got home to a rejection on my 3rd manuscript, not totally unexpected. Comments are starting to line up -- I have to learn more about pacing.

Both the agent and editor I met with requested the full manuscript for my 4th novel, tentatively titled "Rescued Hearts" because I had to write something on the line for Title on the contest entry forms two months ago. I found out I'm one of the Jasmine finalists in the Romantic Suspense category, and my pages are going to an editor at Berkley / Jove. I got the first round comments back today and am cringing at some of the things I missed--like Ryan sits down three times without standing up in between, not to mention a scene that drags, plus all those typos that appear when you shut off the computer. Doesn't bode well for a high finish.

At least I can fix them before I send the full manuscripts off. And maybe do the laundry.

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